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Procurement Specialist

Posted On 9th Jan 2018
Location Accra-Medie, Greater Accra, Ghana
Preferred Qualifications Minimum Of Bachelor's Degree In Procurement Or Related Fields.
Contract Type Permanent
Min. Years of Exp 5 years
Age Range Any
Preferred Gender Any
Interview Date 13th Feb 2018
Start Date 21st Feb 2018
Preferred Skills Possess Strong Negotiation Skills, Good Verbal Communications Skills And Is Capable Of Staying Within A Given Budge
Description KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Work To Procure Goods And Services For The Organisation And Providing Value For Money In Each Case. Compares Prices Amongst Various Vendors In Order To Make Sound Purchasing Decisions Works Within A Given Budget To Purchase Goods And Services For An Organization Ensures That Products Are Delivered In A Timely Manner, And That The Quality Of The Goods Received Is Satisfactory Negotiates With Contractors On Price, Mode Of Shipping, And Delivery Time Orders Goods Such As Office Supplies On A Continuing Basis In Order To Maintain Certain Inventory Levels Checks Invoices For Accuracy, And Authorizes The Accounts Payable Department To Issue Payment Evaluates The Performance Of Certain Vendors In Order To Decide Whether Or Not To Continue Buying From Them Inventories Items In Order To Determine Which Ones Need To Be Purchased Enters Data Concerning Inventory And Order Amounts Into A Computer Database
Conditions None